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Creative Copywriting

Adaptations at the simplest level requires translation and recreated text, but also involves the understanding of the social norms between regions; the strategy to accommodate all of these is key for a successful multicultural advertising campaign.


Graphic Design

Adaptations ensure that your message resonates with the multicultural audience, you need to view the design with different perspectives. You need to incorporate those elements that are appealing to your target audience without loosing focus of your main strategy and the same effectiveness as the original. 


Marketing Services

Are you communicating to your audience effectively? How well do they know you? Are your social media outlets a two-way communications? Are you establishing a relationship with your audience? We can help you achieve these goals and more.


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Jackie Zambrano Bio.



Jackie Zambrano is a creative producer currently based in Cincinnati with account management expertise as well as broadcasting, digital, and multicultural marketing background. 
Born in Venezuela, mother of two girls, and with over 20 years of work experience in the communication industry, she uses her gained knowledge from every task given and approaches every project with a fresh perspective and unique input.

She is consistently executing bold ideas from concept through completion. Her knowledge in Multimedia Production, Digital Strategy, Account Management, and Storytelling makes her an excellent partner for managing small and financially challenged productions while maximizing efficiencies on large-scale projects.

She started as a freelancer working in the production of events as “Zona Descarga Belmont” in Playa El Agua (Margarita Island-Venezuela) for several years. The branding and release of the “Show of Geraldo” for LATAM (one of the first American’s talk show distributed in Spanish), Carlos Baute in concert, several audiovisual and print productions, along with different political strategic campaigns.

In 2010, she created Miami para Niños, currently renamed Mundo para Niños, a digital publication for Hispanic parents with original content in education, storytelling, psychology, family events, and more. In 2010 she also opened her own Creative Studio called Jackie Zambrano LLC in Miami, were she leads with innovation and marketing goals to meet strategic vision. Specialties: Strong negotiating skills, problem solver, ability to gain trust and respect from potential and current clients, budgeting large scale and low budget projects, company branding and identity, contract negotiation, and project management. In addition, she manages many complex multi-layered productions across all mediums: Content, Interactive/Digital, Enterprise, and Print in multicultural markets and different languages. One of her main clients is Western Union.

She seeks every opportunity while keeping in mind the need for quality production with limited budgets. She understands what is important to the client, and she works hard to deliver a unique quality project on budget and on time.

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